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Our online training courses combine the quality training associated with the Institute of Government with the flexibility to meet the needs of busy government employees and elected officials. These courses allow students to progress through their chosen courses at their own pace and on their own schedules without the travel time and related travel expenses commonly accompanying traditional classroom training courses.

Our online training courses are fully self-contained. There are no additional textbooks to purchase. Everything is online…from registration to completion of the course. Even though there is no direct contact with an instructor in these courses, participants have access to qualified Carl Vinson Institute of Government faculty to answer questions and further explain concepts through designated email accounts.

Our online courses cover important topics in financial and human resource management specific to state and local governments. Since their debut in 2001, the popularity of the online courses have grown, attracting not only students from Georgia, but nationwide and even internationally.

For more about our online offerings, please contact Michele Jurkiewicz at mjurkiew@uga.edu.

Online Continuing Education

Our online offerings for elective continuing education cover a variety of topics, including Open Meetings Open Records, Capital Assets, Internal Controls and more.


We regularly offer webinars of interest to government officials and staff, covering financial reporting, property taxes and other topics.

Finance Officer Certification Courses

Our online portfolio includes Level I and Level II Finance Officer Certification courses, such as Capital Improvement, Debt Administration, Governmental Accounting, Internal Control, Revenue Administration and more.

Department of Revenue courses

We offer a a slate of Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) approved courses online.

Library Financial Management Certification Program Online Courses

We have created an online certification program to meet the unique needs of libraries, which require a different perspective than most local governments in terms of financial management.

Boards of Equalization Courses

Each of our online courses for Boards of Equalization has been approved by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) for continuing education.

Charter School Board Member Training

Charter school board members for locally-approved non-profit charter schools can benefit from an overview of fundamental concepts in government finance.

Charter Schools Financial Management Certification Program Online Courses

We offer the Charter Schools Financial Management Certification Program for charter school leaders and personnel who are responsible for school budgets, accounting, payroll processing, purchasing and ensuring a school's financial policies are in line with state and federal laws.

Human Resources

Our online course is designed to acquaint elected officials and staff with the fundamentals of human resources management. The course gives students a solid understanding of interview and hiring processes, employee performance appraisal, and basic legal issues related to government employment.

Municipal Elected Officials Courses

These courses for municipal officials cover such concepts as Capital Improvement Programs, Human Resources, Debt Methods and Open Records.