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GOV360® provides you a way to better understand your personal strengths and opportunities for growth through the perspectives of the people you work with. It combines information from a self-assessment completed by you with results from anonymous questionnaires completed online by your subordinates, peers, and manager or elected leader, who supply feedback about your performance.


As a government executive, mid-level manager or frontline supervisor, you can use the objective information to better understand how others perceive your leadership performance and decide how best to enhance your effectiveness on the job. GOV360® allows you to develop individual goals for professional development.


This unique online 360-degree assessment instrument has been designed by faculty from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the University of Georgia Department of Psychology to address the specific circumstances of the government workplace and combines with one-on-one executive coaching sessions for personalized leadership development.


The GOV360® Process

The Assessment

GOV360® gives you perspective on

  • change management

  • risk assessment

  • oral communication

  • coaching

  • delegation


  • unit performance measurement

  • problem solving

  • conflict management

  • initiative

  • interpersonal sensitivity

  • and more! 

Once input has been compiled from you and your raters through the online tool, you receive a comprehensive GOV360® feedback report detailing the results and calling attention to your personal strengths, blind spots, hidden talents and opportunities for growth.


Executive Coaching

An important step in the assessment process is reviewing your GOV360® report individually with one of our executive coaches.


Coaching is available to

  • conduct skills assessments

  • evaluate strengths and weakness

  • examine leadership and management styles

  • discuss other approaches


Coaches can work with you to address a specific concern or help you meet an identified professional goal. Coaching helps you understand the report results and apply them to your own situation and objectives. Together, you and the coach construct a customized professional development plan that incorporates the GOV360® findings with your career and organizational goals. For your convenience, coaching sessions can be held in-person at your chosen site or virtually, using interactive online technology.


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GOV360 is currently down for maintenance and performance upgrades. Thank you for your patience as we work to make GOV360 even better.


GOV360 is a trademark of the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.


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