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We administer the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE) Code Enforcement Certificate Program. 


The program enhances the knowledge and skills of people who are responsible for the enforcement of city, county, and state codes in Georgia.

About the Program

The Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE) is a professional organization dedicated to establishing responsible code enforcement practices throughout local governments in Georgia and to the professional development of its members. The program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those persons responsible for the enforcement of environmental, housing, and land use codes in Georgia. Those interested in participating in the certificate program must be paid members of GACE in good standing, be willing to uphold the bylaws of the organization, and be an honest/ethical person.

Who Will Benefit

The workshop is designed to interest virtually all local public officials involved in code enforcement, including

  • code enforcement officers

  • housing officials and inspectors

  • zoning administrators

  • environmental and solid waste inspectors

  • city and county planners

  • members of planning commissions

  • members of zoning boards

  • city and county attorneys

  • mayors and council members

  • county commissioners

  • Clean and Beautiful commissioners, directors, board members


The GACE Certificate Program offers three levels of training.

  • To receive a Level I certificate, participants must complete 45 hours of course work (36 hours of required courses and nine hours of electives) and pass a written exam after each required class with a grade of 70 or better.

  • Requirements for the Level II certificate consist of an additional 45 hours of coursework (30 hours of required courses and 15 hours of electives) with the same requirement of successfully passing a written exam for each required course with a grade of 70 or better.

  • Earning a Level III certificate requires the completion of 75 hours in a separate curriculum consisting of technical and leadership courses. Upon successful completion of all coursework, participants must write a reflection paper on selected courses taken.

All of the classes in each level of training are taught on a rotating schedule. Based on course selections, a participant can earn up to 15 hours of credit toward a certificate at each of the two conferences offered annually, one in the spring and one in the fall.

The time frame invested for achieving a Level I certificate is approximately three training events. If you miss a conference, the time to achieve a Level I certificate will be longer. The same is true for Level II. The time frame for receiving a Level III certificate is approximately five conferences.

A formal presentation of certificates will be held at the two conferences each year. In order to receive a framed Code Enforcement Officer Certificate Program certificate, you must be a member of GACE for the entire time you are enrolled in the program. If you are not a member of GACE for the entire time you are enrolled in the program, you will simply receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course work required for a particular level. The names of participants who have earned the required number of hours will be submitted to the treasurer for verification of membership. Individuals who have maintained the requirement of paid membership throughout the program will receive a letter informing them of their completion status.

Continuing Education

Every three years, those who have attained Level I, Level II, or Level III certificates must complete 36 hours of continuing education. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking any class (required or elective) offered at the conference.

This can be achieved by attending one conference or workshop per year for three years. Upon successful completion of a level, a certificate card with an expiration date will be presented to you by the Certificate Committee chair. It is your responsibility to maintain your records/hours, and you will be subject to an audit. You may obtain a list of the classes attended, with dates, by visiting the website https://register.cviog.uga.edu/eCSProd1/HelpRecords.aspx; the website will provide instructions for obtaining your individual course status. Also, it is a requirement that you maintain paid membership status during your continuing education renewal process. If your membership lapses, you will need to make restitution before receiving a renewal certificate.


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