Georgia Clerks Education Institute

The Georgia Clerks Education Institute Certificate Program for city and county clerks is designed to establish minimum standards and professional goals for city and county clerks. The Georgia Clerks Education Institute Certificate Program is jointly sponsored by the Georgia County Clerks Association (GCCA) and the Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association (GMC/FOA). View the GCCA webpage or view the GMC/FOA webpage.

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The Georgia Clerks Education Institute Certificate Program offers the following:


The Georgia Clerks Education Institute Certificate Program

  • introduces new methods and approaches to enable clerks and finance officers to become more efficient and effective in their jobs

  • increases managerial competence of municipal and county clerks to meet new challenges and demands placed on local government

  • creates the opportunity for clerks to further their professional development to gain the recognition they deserve


Target Groups

  • City Clerks

  • County Clerks

  • other personnel performing city or county clerk duties in local government




State Mandated Training

State law (O.C.G.A. sections 36-1-24 and 36-45-20) requires anyone hired as of April 1, 1992, holding the title of "clerk" or performing the duties of a municipal/county clerk pursuant to the local charter, ordinance, or code shall attend a 15-hour mandated orientation training. The training consists of a basic overview of job duties and functions required of clerks. The 15-hour mandated training counts toward the 100 hours required for full certification.  Mandated training is offered at the fall and winter training conferences.


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