Leadership Academies

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The Leadership Academy is a training and development program designed to meet the need for enhanced leadership and mid-to-senior level management skills. The program develops managerial expertise, interpersonal communications and presentation skills necessary to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society.


Our leadership academy combines classroom sessions and off-site individual and/or team projects. Each academy cohort is a carefully selected class of high potential performers.

Content sessions include:

  • conflict management

  • project management

  • motivation/influence

  • problem solving/decision making

  • negotiation and mediation

  • creating effective teams

  • strategic planning

  • ethics


The customizable academy consists of 10 days of in-person instruction and group learning activities, including:

  • collaboration on an academy service project

  • creation of personal leadership development plans

  • development of components of an Organizational Improvement Plan

  • preparing a team-based organizational improvement project

Full attendance, active engagement and completion of course assignments are required. Sessions may be conducted in Atlanta or at various locations in middle Georgia. Each session will feature different topics and there is a suggested list of popular leadership books that are required reading for in-depth group discussions.

For departments at the state level, we provide programming to:

  • create a strong workforce prepared to conduct, manage and lead the demanding work of public service

  • develop unique skill-sets that are required to work successfully within state government

  • create critical talent pools necessary for future growth and needs of the state

  • continue to increase innovative, efficient and effective state government

For local governments, we provide:

  • a series of management development programs designed for the Leadership Team and other select managers

  • skills development to better manage, supervise, lead or interact with the employees of the offices and functions of the agency

  • best practices and proven models of leadership and management to program participants

Benefits to Agencies

  • performance management/results

  • consistent decision making

  • collaboration

  • leadership succession plan

  • customer service

  • employee satisfaction/retention