Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute

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The Georgia Legislative Leadership Institute (GLLI) is an extension of the Biennial Institute. Participants are nominated by the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.

Developed and authorized by the Georgia General Assembly Training Institute in 2005, GLLI forms the core of a phased leadership development program for members of the Georgia General Assembly.

GLLI is designed to strengthen the leadership skills of individual legislators while also reinforcing the legislative institution.

Offered over the course of five days, this unique program allows lawmakers to explore the leadership challenges of representative government with faculty from UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government as well as legislative leaders and colleagues.

The program is designed to help legislators address key elements of personal, ethical, and political leadership that can help them carry out their roles and responsibilities as elected representatives.

Participants will explore their own personal motivations and leadership styles, better understand those of their colleagues, address leadership challenges in using power and influence, explore ethical dilemmas and decisions, and explore leadership challenges in forging and shaping collective action.

Additionally, participants will delve into specific policy problems and choices, better understand how citizens organize and mobilize around their political beliefs, and address the very foundations of representative democracy and their leadership role in carrying out and preserving representative government.

The program is made possible by the generous support of the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation.