Intergovernmental Agreement Assistance

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Intergovernmental Action/Agreement assessments encompass a range of studies that help your local government build and maintain successful partnerships with other governments. 


We can help you understand the issue for short and long terms regarding

  • how to craft and cost-out a joint service delivery agreement

  • how to split the costs for shared services

  • how to set appropriate fees for residents versus non-residents

  • how to establish tax equity within a Service Delivery Strategy agreement

  • how to best manage co-provisioned staff


Our studies ensure that intergovernmental actions and agreements have a foundation based on equity, practicality, good management and financial principles. Our analyses provide your local government with options for working together and sharing services. We provide critical information needed to negotiate a fair way forward for all stakeholders. Our studies can be used to define working relationships and can include

  • model intergovernmental agreement language

  • funding formulas

  • associated computer applications (e.g., spreadsheets that can recalculate fee schedules based on new inputs)