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The Data Analytics and Visualization team at the Institute of Government assisted the University System of Georgia in visualizing data for their new website Georgia Degrees Pay at From this website, parents, students and other stakeholders can access information on graduate wage outcomes and compare the cost of attendance and student success data.

If you would like more information on how we can help your agency create similar analytics and visualizations, please contact James Byars at
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USG Training Materials and Resources

The Institute of Government offers basic training for USG Qlik users, including webinars and short training videos. 

USG Qlik Data Analytics Portal Instructions

USG Qlik Data Analytics Portal

Data Visualization Products

Qlik apps created for USG users include:

Recruitment and Enrollment

Complete College Georgia

Program Review

About the Apps Reference Sheets

View USG BOR Qlik Apps document

Customized Services for Individual Institutions

The Institute of Government data science team also develops and consults on custom statistical and visualization services for Georgia institutions of higher education. By harnessing internal data sources and external data vendors and product, the team can answer questions ranging from admissions decisions to graduation.  Here are some examples of custom applications we have developed:

These trackers and tools can provide customized views based on department, special initiatives and student demographics.

We also provide statistical and technical support for Georgia’s public colleges and universities. Here are some examples of contracts and grants we have worked alongside our partners:


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