The Institute of Government and Georgia Power partnered to develop this resource for Georgia businesses. This guide contains five key engagement strategies, each with step-by-step instructions and a case study of successful company or community implementation. The strategies range in complexity and impact, and companies of all sizes are sure to find useful information.

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Engagement Strategies

This guide lays out five engagement strategies. For each strategy, the guide will explain what it is, why it is important, and some basics on how to undertake such activities.

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Engagement strategy ranking system

Each engagement strategy has been ranked according to three primary factors most companies consider prior to making a decision: investment, impact, and time. Use the ranking at the beginning of each section to better understand the engagement strategy. The graphic below gives a brief description of the ranking system.

Engagement strategy ranking system

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Case Studies


CTAE Pathways

Supporting CTAE Pathways: Construction Ready

Construction Ready: Providing Support for Pathways in the K-12 System

Construction Ready, formerly known as the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia, is a 501(c)3 that promotes careers in the skilled trades industries and provides support and resources for training in these careers.

CTAE Program

Supporting CTAE Pathways: Heavy Equipment Pathway in Vidalia

Heavy Equipment Operator Pathway in Vidalia: Real Students Gain Real Skills

The Heavy Equipment Operator Pathway in the Toombs County School District is a prime example of the public sector and private businesses coming together to solve some of the most pressing workforce needs facing their community.

Student Explorations

Student Exploration Experiences: Georgia Power Career Exposure Day

Powering Careers: How Georgia’s Largest Utility Company Finds New Talent

Georgia Power builds its pipeline for entry-level, skilled labor during Career Exploration Days, an on-site program started in 2019 that engages 600+ students annually.

Teacher Externships

Teacher Externships: Connect Newton

Connect Newton: Connecting Teachers to Community

Connect Newton is a teacher externship program that gives educators in the Newton County School District a week-long opportunity to step into the day-to-day operations of local employers and bring these experiences back to the classroom.

Teacher Externships

Teacher Externships: Georgia Power Teacher Externship Program

Teachers and Utilities: A Look at Georgia Power’s Teacher Externship Program

As the largest energy provider in Georgia, Georgia Power is continuously investing in workforce development and educational programming, such as Teacher Externships, to build a strong talent pipeline.

Student Work Experiences

Student Work Experiences: Work-based Learning With Piedmont

High Schoolers in Healthcare: Piedmont and the Newnan Central Educational Center

Piedmont Healthcare’s work-based learning partnership with the Central Educational Center in Newnan helps serve students and hospitals alike by assigning aspiring high schoolers to hands-on roles in local hospitals.

Work Ready Program

Work Ready Programs: Career Ready Douglas

Career Ready Douglas: How to Access a New Pool of Trained Workers

Career Ready Douglas aims to offer participating businesses a new population of candidates who have participated in a condensed training program covering the basic skill needs of their industry.


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