December 21, 2023 | News

Scott Crabtree Awarded UGA Public Service and Outreach Staff Award for Excellence

Writer: Mallory Lawrence

Published December 21, 2023
Athens CEO

Scott Crabtree, UGA Institute of Government operations manager, is known for his dependability and availability. His employees and colleagues credit his mentorship for their own career development while also recognizing that his myriad responsibilities require his presence at the Lucy Cobb complex at all hours of the day and night.

For this and more, Crabtree recently was awarded the Public Service and Outreach Staff Award for Excellence. The award recognizes UGA PSO staff for their exceptional job performance, workplace creativity and innovation and commitment to service.

Scott Crabtree (center), received the PSO Staff Award for Excellence at the PSO Fall Appreciation Event. Pictured with Institute of Government Director Rob Gordon (left) and Vice President for Public Service and Outreach Jennifer Frum (right).

Crabtree is a mainstay of the UGA Institute of Government. In addition to managing the System Support group and IT infrastructure, Crabtree also provides technical leadership for institute faculty, staff and student employees in Athens, Atlanta and other locations throughout the state.

Crabtree began his career at the University of Georgia in 1996 and joined the Institute of Government in 1999. He continues to go above and beyond for those he works with, serving not just as an invaluable resource but also as a mentor. Jeff Chen, IT professional at the Institute of Government, and Jared Peden, University Assistant Procurement Officer, both praise Crabtree’s role in their professional development.

“Drawing from his decades of experience, Scott has shared a wealth of knowledge while training me; helping me to better provide service and support to the faculty and staff within the Institute of Government as well as working in cooperation with other units within PSO (Public Service & Outreach),” Chen said.

In addition to supporting his co-workers at the institute, Crabtree manages the system administration, networks, help desks, web services, desktop support and application development needed to support individual employees, projects and divisions. He plans, develops and implements information technology strategies for top level management across the Institute of Government. He also manages the facilities for the Lucy Cobb complex, the Seney-Stovall Chapel, and other building sites on campus and in Atlanta.

Every day, Crabtree demonstrates his commitment to excellence by effectively ensuring that the institute has the IT and facilities support necessary to achieve its mission and goals, which is no small task. The wide scope of his job duties in all things related to IT and facilities result in Crabtree essentially being on call 24/7. He responds to UGA Police security concerns and IT or facilities issues at all hours of the night, on weekends and over holidays.

After recent high intensity storms passed through Athens after work hours, Crabtree returned to the Lucy Cobb complex to assess any impact to IT operations or damage to facilities that might impact employees the next day. He was there before UGA Facilities Management Division or Georgia Power, and he communicated his damage assessment to Institute of Government employees that night.

Crabtree is dedicated not just to the Institute of Government but to all of PSO. He manages the Zoom accounts for all PSO units, which recently included working with EITS to add new functions that are uniquely required by PSO. He proactively looks for ways to collaborate, support or realize mutual cost savings with other units.

“Scott Crabtree always goes above and beyond what’s required of him,” says Lena Smith, executive assistant to the Institute of Government director. “He has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism. He is thorough, timely and thoughtful in everything he does. Scott displays a remarkable ability to effectively manage, exhibits a strong attention to detail and takes a proactive approach to problem-solving. His ability to quickly assess situations and make informed decisions contributes to the smooth functioning of our facilities on a daily basis.”